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what can you study?

IBS course offering

Bachelors (undergad) degrees

All IBS Bachelor’s programmes are 3-year full-time courses of modular studies leading to the Bachelor of Science degree conferred by The University of Buckingham.
Get a BSc in:
- Financial management,
- Business and Diplomacy,
- Management,
- Management with Arts,
- Management with Tourism,
- Management with HRM and Business Psychology,
- Management with Marketing.

Masters (postgrad) degrees

- Human Resource Management
- International Management
- Financial Management
- Marketing Management
- NEW! MBA in Data driven management


- Art history
- Business and management
- Economics
- International affairs

Why choose IBS?

Practice-oriented programmes

In business and management it is imperative that your knowledge is top-notch and current. 

What better way to learn this than from the movers and shakers in the field of management? 

IBS provides practical knowledge from top industry experts. You know; the ones that have been there and done that. 


If you feel that lectures are outdated forms of education and you thrive in proactive, collaborative learning environments, then IBS is definitely for you. Discussions, group exercises, brainstorming, workshops…interaction with your peers and teachers is truly encouraged at IBS. 

Hone your communication skills while studying what you love. 

Prestigious British degree of The University of Buckingham

Let us talk about this in more detail, because it is important for your career! 

The degrees you get at IBS are actually awarded by the University of Buckingham. So your degree will look like the sample below.

The University of Buckingham has been leading the British National Student Survey in student satisfaction and is top rated for employability. 

British degrees are important to employers because they have a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience in the relevant field and they equip students with all the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful international business career.

is the language of tuition english?

Yes, it is. 

There are students form over 100 countries studying at various courses at IBS in Budapest. They choose to do this because a good quality British degree is highly recognized throughout the world by employers. The added benefit of studying in Budapest Hungary is the cost efficiency: the tuition fees, cost of living, travelling and well, having fun is much more favourable than the UK (and frankly, most of Europe – that is also why Hungary has so many international students). 

1 year masters programmes

If lengthy studies are not your thing, and you are prepared to intensify your education to get a Masters degree in 1 year, International Business School offers courses in:

  • Human Resource Management
  • International Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management

how does ibs help students thrive?

  • Student wellbeing councillors: whether you are not sure about the academic requirements and progress, need help with the Hungarian administration system as an international student, or have personal issues this team is here to help. 
  • Peer mentors: Peer to peer help is indispensable indeed, and especially in an international school where students have to deal with the usual study tasks and also have to get adjusted to an absolutely new cultural environment.
  • Student accommodation: The on-campus residence hall offers you comfortable accommodation in well-equipped en suite rooms and high-speed internet access in common areas. Only 30 minutes from the city centre, the newly built residence hall offers cozy rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and there are communal kitchens at the disposal of students.
  • Career service and Job Fairs: Career Office aims to continuously maintain the IBS corporate network, involve business into their education and get students and faculty involved in the business world. IBS helps in finding the perfect placement for you through their wide-spread corporate partner network. 
  • Vibrant student life: IBS is proud to have a really diverse and international student community and aims to make their stay at IBS unforgettable. They organize special events, club fairs, parties and many fun activities during the semesters to give you that right balance between studying and social life.  

Valuable business degree, great career prospects and top-level education

Founded in 1991, the International Business School was the first private higher education institute in Central Europe. Today it is a modern and dynamic business school which prides itself in the multitude of successful alumni all over the world. 

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