Annie talks about her Stipendium experience in Budapest, Hungary

Stipendium Hungaricum student South Africa

Annie, what was Hungary like as a country?

Hungary is a really great country. There are many interesting traditions to learn about, and since it is not so well known, being there gives you new experiences. The placement in Europe also makes it a great place to be a foreign student, because it give the opportunity to visit man other places. The international community is also great, and the country is safe and affordable.

What did you think about the University and the course that you attended?

ELTE (Eotvos Lorand University) was a good university, especially the Science faculty. I believe my experience was quite unique because I was the only international student in my specialization. I enjoyed the different emphases of my Hungarian studies compared to those in South Africa, but I believe this is course specific.

What did you do besides study?

I did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the many sports made available for the students at quite a low price. The social life is also great. There are many international student activities to get involve in. I joined the Erasmus Life Budapest, and through this met a lot of new very close friends.

What was perhaps a bit challenging for you?

Dormitory life was a bit of a challenge at times, because we were three people in a room. However, I was never lonely, and could visit my friends easily whenever I wanted to. The dormitory also helped me meet many new people in my early days there. Some of the university courses were difficult, but the lecturers were very kind and understanding.

Would you recommend studying in Hungary to your fellow South African students?

I would certainly recommend studying there. Not only does it open your eyes to a whole new world, but also Hungary specifically is an affordable place where you can have a good time, even when you do not have too much money.

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