Start your University studies in Hungary in February

While European universities in general begin the academic year in September, many are now offering courses commencing in February to cater to international students. 

If you are late for the September intake because you only finish your studies in South Africa around November/December, you can still apply for many courses starting in 2020 February. 

Use this course finder tool:

This great study finder can help you search for Bachelor`s, Master`s and Doctoral programmes commencing in February.

Don`t forget to apply in time for your student visa

Due to the December holidays and the festive season most Embassies have modified, mostly shorter office hours. 

Make sure that as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance from your chosen university in Hungary, you immediately contact the Embassy of Hungary in Pretoria for a visa appointment, as issuing a student visa can take up to 30 days. 

While you wait for the Letter of Acceptance, why not familiarize yourself with the requirements for a student visa and start gathering your documents. Contact the Embassy of Hungary in Pretoria here:

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