Pre-med and medical courses in Hungary

Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science and nursing/physio

Pre-med courses

Sometimes you need a little extra to reach your goal...

Has it been your dream to get into medical university? 

  • Maybe you did not get in first time around…
  • Maybe you found your calling to heal later on in life, and you need a leg-up with the entrance exam
  • Perhaps you feel that a European medical degree would be a great investment for your future career
Whatever your situation may be, pre-med courses can help you get up to speed in chemistry, physics and biology to get through your entrance exam into medical, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing or veterinary science. 
BONUS: If you study hard during the pre-med course and your grades are awesome, you could even get into your chosen Hungarian university WITHOUT an entrance exam!  

Prepare for your entrance into the world of medicine with an affordable 6-month or 1 year Pre-med Course in Hungary!

Prepare to get into medical school

10 reasons to choose Hungary

  • Program contents based on the topics of university entrance examinations
  • Regular written and oral tests provide experience in taking examinations
  • High success rate – upon completing the intense program, most students gain admission to the desired program in Hungary or worldwide
  • Almost three decades of experience in preparing students for university studies – more than 7000 students have completed the program since 1990
  • Small groups
  • Teachers who love teaching and care about you and your future career
  • Friendly environment to all newcomers in an international student community
  • Friendly staff helps you find accommodation and get used to your new way of life
  • Affordable: compared to programs of the same prestige in Western Europe or the United States, Hungary offers everything that those programs do, but at a more reasonable price

If you are ready for medical school... choose Hungary`s prestigious medical courses!

Hungarian medical courses

Modern town, modern vibe, quality medical education favoured by many international students.
University of Szeged medicine
University of Szeged
Specialized medical university offering top notch courses in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, midwifery and physiotherapy.
Semmelweis university of medicine
Semmelweis University
If you have a passion for healing animals the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest is your best destination. Awesome student community.
University of Veterinary Medicine
University of Veterinary Medicine
Hugely popular university among international students. Widely acknowledged degrees. Good balance of practice and theory.
University of Debrecen
Established in 1367, this University has an amazing history in higher education. It`s medical courses range from general medicine to PhD programmes in Neuroscience or Pharmaceutical science.
University of Pécs