Before you dive into a sea of lectures and books at your Hungarian university, why not experience our biggest entertainment export, the Sziget Festival.

Sziget (meaning: island – Hajógyári Island in Budapest) has become an institution of the European summer party scene offering a full week of fun in the sun in the heart of Budapest.

2019 will welcome the Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, Martin Garrix and about another 100 artists from Brazil to Norway.

So, let me attempt to describe it to you: Sziget is about a 500 000 people, 60 stages, music & art & culture experience, 24/7 for one full week in Budapest. The island, formerly accommodating docks and ship manufacturing facilities, transforms into a multi-cultural, multi-genre craziness (yep, that is the best word), enjoyed by young and middle-aged alike.

If you feel you need to unwind, you can just leave the island through a bridge and explore Budapest or chill in the city for a while. Then, when you are ready to party and ignite your senses again, you stroll back to the Sziget.

Sziget is organized every year in second week of August, just before you enroll at Uni and begin to settle down in your dorm/accommodation. Definitely worth arriving to Hungary a little earlier. 

In 2019 Sziget takes place between 7-13 Aug. 

Enough said. 

Here is the 2018 aftermovie:

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