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University of Pécs

Earn your degree at one of the most beautiful Central European cities, with a rich culture dating back to the Roman Empire, at the historical and prestigious University of Pécs.

The University of Pécs belongs to the 3.6% of international higher education institutions worldwide according to a survey by the Centre for World University Rankings.

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Bachelors (undergrad) courses at the University of Pécs (in English)

Business, management, legal

Health science

Natural science

Human and social science

Masters (postgrad) courses offered by University of Pécs (in English)

Business, management, legal

Health science

Natural science

Human and social science



Medicine, OTM, PhD courses

Medicine, dentistry and pharma

The curriculum of the general medicine course in Pécs is designed to form a foundation upon which the future physician can build their medical knowledge in a continuously evolving profession. The program of instruction consists of six years of pre-clinical and clinical studies. The Medical School of the University of Pécs takes a very practical approach in the belief that direct experience with patients, either at the bedside or in the operating theatre, is fundamental to a sound medical education.
The fees for the medical course for the academic year 2019/2020 starting in September 2019 is 16.750 USD for the first year.
The degree issued by the Medical School is accepted by all European Union countries and several other countries (Norway, USA, Canada, Israel etc.)

OTM (one-tier masters) in Architecture

This program trains students to apply their complex knowledge in the areas of architecture and urban planning, as well as in the multi-faceted field of environment formation in general (architectural design, town and country planning, preservation of built heritage, structural design, construction work, management and administration tasks, consulting with authorities, teaching, etc.) In addition, students are prepared for their professional planning license once they have gained the prerequisite practical experience as required by the relevant regulations.

PhD studies

The Big Bang Theory has made PhD studies look cool. And they are too, if you want to really dive into the science of your particular field. Plus, those 3 significant letters can really boost your CV and employability, especially if you completed your studies in the European Union.
(for the visual: Tshepo Mokoena vs. Tshepo Mokoena P.h.D..) PhD courses at the University of Pécs are offered in a variety of fields, including: Business Administration, Medical Science, Regional Development, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Health Science, Biology and Sport Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Law and DLA in Architecture/Architectural Engineering.
Check out these very affordable but highly regarded courses in detail:

The good part: scholarships at UP

The University of Pécs is part of a Hungarian Government scholarship programme, the Stipendium Hungaricum, which offers fully financed scholarships to study in Hungary at a variety of courses, all taught in English language. Get the scoop:

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When does the academic year begin in Hungary?

Usually September (autumn). There are however a limited number of courses commencing in February of each year. 

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Are the offered courses taught in English language?


What is the vibe like in Pécs?

Famous ... from Pécs

Swimmer Katinka Hosszú is the world record holder in 100 m individual medley, 200 m individual medley, 400 m individual medley, 100 m backstroke and 200 m backstroke. She was the first swimmer to hold world records in all five individual medley events at the same time.
Katinka Hosszú
Olympic swimmer
Vasarely (creator of Op Art and Kinetic Art) was perhaps the first modern artist to realize that Kinetic Art did not have to move. Instead he created an extraordinary series of paintings and sculptures which used geometrical effects to suggest motion within static forms.
Victor Vasarely
Zsolnay Porcelain Manufactory in Pécs is known for introducing the eosin glazing process and pyrogranite ceramics. The secret eosin glaze renders porcelain to appear iridescent metallic, in different colours that change with the angle of reflection.
Zsolnay Ceramics
unique technique

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