Why you should study Social Science

Is STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) just not your thing? Don`t worry, there are plenty of opportunities for a future-proof career in the field of social science too.

why study social science?

First of all, what is social science? Social science is the scientific study of human society and social relationships. It covers a wide spectrum of fields including economics, political, psychology, philosophy, science, sociology, history, archaeology, anthropology, law and in some cases, geography as well.

Reading articles about the future, you might get the impression that the jobs of tomorrow will all be centred around technology, AI, engineering, natural science, computing and the knowledge related to the digital realm in general. But with the extremely rapid developments in tech and science, who is going to make sure that societies are able to adapt to the new challenges as a community and stay “healthy”?

Social science has an immense contribution to understanding human behaviour and social processes, from violence, economic inequality to human rights, and in general everything that disrupts or assists social cohesion.

Social science professionals are trained to think critically and analyze information while gaining a broad understanding of human behaviour and the way societies operate both locally and on a global level. They make sense of how international and domestic happenings, be it of a positive or negative nature, impact and shape societies.

Ok, great! – you might say, but what is the practical use of this?

Let`s look at some not to obvious, yet everyday examples:

Social science helps us develop and maintain democracy – think about how social media has enhanced the freedom of expression and opinion amongst citizens like you and I, building an armada of “community journalists”. Social science can help us analyze what impact “community journalism” has on society where traditional and expert analysis in e.g. political matters and policies is declining. It can give us an insight on how online opinion leaders, influencers and virtual interest groups impact voting decisions – if at all. 

Social science can influence decision makers to make the world better – social scientists have significant accomplishments in the field of human welfare and wellbeing.

While governments are ready to align significant resources to assist children and adults in need, they require guidance on what to do and how to do it in order to make an impact on marginalized and vulnerable members of society. They have to know where to intervene, and social science has a pivotal role in identifying problematic groups and advise strategy and policy makers on the possibilities to alleviate their suffering and improve their conditions. Their analyses can build the framework for new laws protecting, enabling and empowering people so they can live in dignity. In our own society there is much to be done in several fields ranging from youth unemployment to domestic violence, HIV, education, environmental affairs etc. In short, social science can improve government, NGO, international organization efficiency via evidence-based policy.

Social science also assists business decisions – a very simple example to this is how cultural perspectives can hinder the effectiveness of, for example, of advertising campaigns.

Do you need more inspiration? Check out this website: https://www.whysocialscience.com/

Career options for social science:

A degree in social science offers you the opportunity to work in journalism, publishing, public relations, economics, marketing, human resources, training and development, public or civil services, psychology, counselling, social and community services, social welfare as well as a variety of other positions. Remember, that many areas of employment, in the public and private sectors, employers are keen to recruit social science graduates because they have analytic thinking (see my article in-demand skills of the future) and the communication skills that a successful economy and society needs.

Don`t be afraid to choose social science!

If you do your research, you will see that you are not swimming against the current just because you are not interested in STEM. Social science has an important place in the jobs of tomorrow, and due to it`s endless applications, can future-proof your career for the long run. 

Social science courses in Hungary

Explore these opportunities to study social science in English language in Hungary:

PS: fun fact

Did you know that British social scientists analyzed risk-taking behaviour of voters and every U.K. election since 1935 has taken place on a Thursday, the most cautious day of the week? See for yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_Kingdom_general_elections

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