Robotics is definitely one of the fields of science that will explode in the near future – so we heard at the MyFuture4.0 expo. From Pepper, our very own intelligent robot from South Africa, all the way to Sophie, the most sophisticated robot existing today. But is it about robots taking over human jobs? 

We heard great arguments pro and con at the MyFuture4.0 expo, an exhibition that was sorely needed in South Africa. Some talk about co-working with robots, others argue that robots will only take over certain tasks from humans, mostly ones that require significant physical strength. Then we see how robotic arms will operate on sick people in the future and help reduce human errors. 

Where robotics will take us is anyone`s guess. But the science is here to stay. 

Future savvy students from all over the world in all ages will be gathering in Győr, Hungary this year to battle it out with robots of their own design. Each robot is required to perform a series of tasks, from simple to complex, competing in time against robots from other teams. It is definitely an event that will get a lot of attention, so if you are in the area, why not pop in to Győr. 

And if you are interested in studying robotics, allow me to recommend the following options: 

  • University of Debrecen – Mechatronics (
  • Eötvös Lóránd University – Masters in Computer Science for Autonomous Systems. (
  • Óbuda University – Computer Science Engineering with specialization in robotics. (

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